Let’s celebrate one year of Liberating Structures Italy!

We, Complexity Surfers, believe that everything starts from conversations, and, as the mourned consultant and facilitator Esko Kilpi wrote, the key challenge for Leaders in the extreme complexity we’re living is generating agility and resilience through participation in enriching conversations.

Liberating Structures are one of the methods we count on to facilitate conversations and, at the same time, to unleash the potential of participants to our projects and workshops.

Urged by the enthusiastic feedback of our Clients who had a chance to experiment them with us, in 2018 we created liberatingstructures.it – affiliate of the European community of practice – to spread and share in Italy the philosophy and the extraordinary power of Liberating Structures

Just one year ago we made a major step forward, giving birth too the Meetup Liberating Structures Italia, aiming to increase involvement and experimenting through free itinerant gatherings.

Today the Meetup counts 170 subscribers, and we hosted groups in Bologna, Padua and Milan…and now we’ve switched to online! We’re preparing new meetings, maybe open to foreigner participants: what are you waiting to enroll?!