Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


Nature, human beings, organizations are Systems, they are more than the sum of their parts – they exhibit behaviours that cannot be tracked down to their components, but to the special way they are interconnected. Systems cannot be broken down into parts without losing their properties. We must think of a system as a “whole”, seeing its behaviour as emerging from the net of intertwined components.


Conversations lay at the very heart of everything we do. They allow us to exchange experiences, to explore the world we’re living in, and to shape the emerging future through our stories. Designing conversations enables and cultivates a purposeful and meaningful collective intelligence.


Sensemaking is the process by which – together – we gain insights about the world and we give meaning to our collective experience. This process means embracing the deeply interconnected contexts we’re part of. Sensemaking is the necessary condition for making meaningful decisions.


Metaphors are narratives that allow us to talk about something “as if it was” something else. We use metaphors (verbal, visual, physical) to be able to see things hidden by our cultural bias and mental models, to encourage conversations about complex and sensible matters.

We share ethics and principles of