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What happens when LS meet ToP?

What happens when Liberating Structures meet Technology of Participation (ToP)? With our ToP Maestro Martin Gilbraith & Sharon Dale, we have designed a workshop to

Complexity Surfers

Let’s celebrate one year of Liberating Structures Italy!

We believe in the extraordinary power of Liberating Structures, to facilitate conversations and enhance participation. It’s just one year since we started bringing our experience with Clients to a broad audience creating the Meetup Liberating Structures Italy, to share and experiment in free itinerant gatherings. Read our story…

Complexity Surfers

“Sensemaking” by C. Madsbjerg

The book is a perfect introduction to the fundamental principle of sensemaking – a method of practical wisdom grounded on Humanities – an “understanding of worlds” – a call to action for leaders and strategy-makers to be “anthropologists” to understand the world through observation of behaviours and cultures, to achieve long-lasting, sustainable success.

Complexity Surfers

From Design Thinking to Design Behaving

Why do most of the Innovation processes, despite honest efforts and slavish application of the “best” Design Thinking approach, miserably fail? It’s about money? Time? People? Is it all about the Process?