Liberating Structures Italia goes International!

2020 has been a challenging year for everybody: we’re lucky because we’re safe and healthy, and we cannot help but turn our thoughts to all those who suffered the effects of this pandemic.

For us at Complexity Surfers it has been a tremendous challenge in terms of reframing activities and learning: new ways of interaction, new tools and platforms, a radical rethinking of our human interactions.

Liberating Structures have been – for us – an invaluable tool to successfully work with groups online, to enact participation and facilitate great conversations in highly complex contexts, either in low-tech or highly tech-savvy environments (eg. working with mural). We have experienced this on a lot of occasions, and we have learnt a lot from our Clients and enjoyed sharing ideas and experiences with our partners and the international community.

That’s why, following a number of requests, we decided to organise and facilitate some of our events in english starting from 2021, opening the Liberating Structures Italia Meetup to an international audience to share experiences and keep learning together. 

We truly believe a broadened participation and exchange will allow new generative conversations and development of new ideas for new challenges to come!

Here you can find the link to a short questionnaire:

Taking a few minutes to answer, you’ll help us to better design our future events, meeting your expectations and ensuring we provide valuable content and experience to old friends and new ones, to make our community grow and strengthen.

Looking forward to your feedback, we take this occasion to wish you and your beloved ones a great, peaceful holiday season. Stay well, stay safe…and see you in next year!